Post secrets for the traveler’s soul

Ending my last post with a post secret inspired me to look through my collection. For those who don’t know what post secret is, basically it’s a project that started with one man placing a bunch of blank postcards around Washington DC saying “send me your secret” with his address on it. Not only did he receive a bunch of those cards back, he actually ended up receiving a ton more on people’s own postcards, art creations, and random things. The project is still alive today and the creator goes around the world to talk to people about it, what secrets are all about, and mental health issues. It’s a pretty amazing project that is very interesting to me. Every week, Frank updates his page at where you can read some of the secrets mailed to him.

Sometimes when I read his page, I see a secret that makes me laugh, reminds me of myself, or somehow strikes a chord with me, and I save the image. I have a large folder on my computer now with post secrets, and I went through them to pick out some of my favorites that have to do with travel, adventure, moving, and some of the emotions I’ve experienced in this process of moving to Spain. I hope you enjoy them!


onback.iwishiknewifyoufletthesameonback.imissyoumorethanilettheworldknownoheartlightsleapoffaithiwasateenageguruhome (1)goaskalicefamilyvacationsdorthyboringbarcelonabackupplan12-theonly11-canyouseethatyouarethegift


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  1. Mark says:

    Great material! So many feelings that resonate with me.


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