Southern Germany: Munich, Füssen, Nuremberg

Things have been looking up around here. Maybe it’s the springtime longer days, or the excitement of planning my 30th birthday trip to Denver with one of my best friends from college. I’ve also got a family reunion to look forward to in August, as well as potentially attending another conference in Mexico this year….

Málaga and Nerja

I’ve got so much catching up to do here (this post is about a trip I took 2 weeks ago) and my excuse is that we’ve moved to a new apartment, celebrated Diego’s birthday, and hosted a friend from England for a week all in the past 10 days. Anyway, I’m excited to share my…

25+ things about Spain that surprise Americans

Here are 25 (okay, 29) things that surprise Americans when they come to Spain. This list was originally written by in Spanish (here). I love the list so much (and can relate to it) that I’ve decided to translate it to English here so that my friends and family back home can appreciate it…

The bumpy part of the road

Before I moved here, I told myself over and over that there were going to be challenges. Big, ugly, frustrating challenges. There would be times that I would want to scream, cry, and just hate everything. But no amount of mental preparation can prevent them from happening, or take away the surprise of their arrival….